B-Smart Learning Center is dedicated to empowering knowledge, modern manners and proper etiquette in every child to achieve more and to be the change through the delivery of high standards of service. Every child will be shaped as a competent person in his/her own right, will be continuously inspired to be a positive contributor to the society and will have equal opportunity to develop his /her personal traits, and to learn how to read and write through bringing the world to their fingertips using active, interesting and simple styles that take into account the functional dimensions of the 21st century lifestyle through combining the Languages with Cultural Studies.

  • To develop warm and secure relationships between children and adults.

  • To deliver a high quality curriculum.

  • To encourage all children to become self-motivated and independent learners with a positive attitude to learning and self-discipline.

  • To help promote and develop wellbeing and resilience.

  • For children to become aware of moral and social values and to value the cultural diversity within our learning center and community.

  • To foster strong home-school links and share a common sense of purpose with parents.

  • To ensure effective assessment and recording of children’s progress across the  areas of learning and development.

  • To ensure that children have learnt the skills that they require to successfully transition into Primary School when they leave our daycare.

  • To underpin all future learning by supporting, fostering, promoting and developing children’s progress in the areas of learning and development.



We thrive to become a role model of the multi-language child care services in Edmonton for its quality of learning, practices and the variety of enactive personal development and empowering programs that contribute to the development of children in the society.



We value high quality of service

   To deliver a high quality of service offering small groups at very competitive inclusive rates.

We value community development

   To be committed to the development of the community by teaching multi-languages focusing on personalized advancement learning to meet diverse needs.

We value equal learning opportunities

   To offer child care services to different children age groups increasing the educational opportunity for young learners.

We Value technology, Art & Sports activities

   To combine learning languages with Technology, Art & Sports activities.

We value employment opportunities for non-English speakers

   To create employment opportunities for non-English speakers through benefiting from their proficient knowledge in their Native Language and Culture. (French & Arabic)

We value our employees

   To support our staff by offering them opportunities to continue their learning and to attend development workshops.

We value our volunteers

   To connect adults volunteers to the fields that they are interested in helping with to empower our programs.