Our Staff Is:

  • Experienced and friendly

  • Professionally trained and hold Early Childhood Education Diploma or degrees in related field

  • Offer students a diverse range of teaching specialties and skills

  • Familiar with the challenges of learning Arabic or French as a second language

  • Responsive to individual learning styles



Hayat El-Ossmani (Executive Director) 

Dear B-Smart Families,

My Name is Hayat El-Ossmani. Proudly a wife of a loving & supportive husband, and a mother of three wonderful children. I hold a Bachelor degree in Business Management, a Diploma in Early Learning and Child Care Development, and a Diploma in Cultural & Islamic Studies. I have been working with children for more than ten years and am currently the owner/operator of B-Smart Learning Center; a trilingual preschool, a daycare, and an out of school care in Edmonton. My sincere and wholehearted dedication to the betterment of children’s and parent’s lives made me decide to make early learning my life’s career. I truly believe that knowledge is power, that a child’s education is the most valuable thing in the world, and that every child deserves to have a safe educational environment to learn and grow in.

For me, B-Smart is a dream come true and our mission is very simple:  We are dedicated to empowering knowledge, modern manners and proper etiquette in every child to achieve more and to be the change through the delivery of high standards of service. 

At B-Smart, we help shape your child into a competent person in his/her own rights. Each child will be continuously inspired to be a positive contributor to society and will have equal opportunities to develop his/her personal traits. 

Our “Learn through Play program” supports every child to meet all his/her developmental needs through bringing the world to their fingertips using active, interesting, and simple styles. Our safe and healthy environment, our experienced and professional team, as well as our mission to provide the highest quality of early learning service are a few of the many reasons why B-Smart is one of the top Early Learning and Child Care Centers in Edmonton. 

I take pride in advocating for and mentoring many youth females in Edmonton as I believe that women play an important role in the Alberta workforce. In 2018, I received the Annual Entrepreneurship Award from EMAAN (Edmonton Muslim Achievement Awards Night) and one of the two 2021 recipients of the Community Leadership Award from the Edmonton Mennonite Centre (EMCN).


I am currently volunteering as a vice president for Northern Alberta Preschool Teachers Association. I am also an active community member involved with many non-profit organizations to assist local and overseas campaigns to support the homeless as well as the less fortunate children, women, and seniors. When I am not working, I like to spend my time with my family and friends as well as enjoying my talents in photography, writing reflections, and cooking.

My quote in life: "Four things support the world: the learning of the wise, the justice of the great, the prayers of the good, and the valor of the brave"

I am sure we are going to learn so many great things this year and I am looking forward to every minute of it!

B-Smart doors are always open to welcome you and your children. For more information about our programs, please do not hesitate to stop by the center or to send me an email at info@b-smart.ca.


Reem Daher - Homeroom Preschool Teacher (4-5 years old) 


Background: Early Child Development Supervisor

Dear B-Smart Families

My name is Reem Daher and I will be your child’s Advanced English teacher for the 2020- 2021 academic year. This is my third year at B-Smart and it is continuing to be a great and fulfilling journey through which every child’s needs is the center of my attention and focus.

I have finished my Early Learning and Childcare Diploma last year. I am passionate about children and am completely amazed by the progress that they show and the ease by which they capture and learn new things. Your child will engage in stimulating and though provoking activities that will help him/her develop all of their five developmental domains. He/she will be able to explore new concepts and participate in experiences that will enrich their growth. I will do my best to ensure that your child’s abilities are being nurtured and that he/she receive the individualized attention that every child deserves.

I believe that having mutually respectful and positive relationships with parents and guardians is something that is of great importance and significance. Such relationships will enable us to work as a team in order to support your child in a more meaningful and individualized manner.  Please feel free to contact me via email at bsmart.english2@gmail.com to discuss any concerns or recommendations that you think might benefit your child.

Rest assured that your child will be taken care of and that all of his/her educational needs will be catered to in order to help them learn, enjoy, and achieve.


مدرسة اللغة العربية والقرآن الكريم

Rola Fares - Preschool Teacher


Background: Early Learning Development Assistant

Dear B-Smart Families 

I am your child’s Arabic & Islamic teacher for the upcoming school year! 

My name is Rola Fares and I will be teaching Arabic and Islamic for age 3 to 4. I am looking forward to working with you and get to know your child. To help them succeed in their education and participation during their school year! 

This will be my second year working with B-Smart. I am honored and excited to be part of B-Smart team. Kids are my passion and I chose to follow that. I will be using different techniques for the children to learn and enjoy the Arabic & Islamic subjects. I will be creating rich environments that will include visual, auditory and kinesthetic . Using these strategies it will help the child to understand and have the ability to use their fine and gross motor skills. 

If you have any concerns or any questions regarding your child feel free to contact me. 

Mis. Rola





 مدرسة اللغة العربية والقرآن الكريم

Rihad El Haj- Preschool Teacher


Background: Early Learning Development Worker

Dear B-Smart Families

My name is Rihad Haj, I will be your child’s Arabic and Islamic teacher and I am glad to welcome you and your child in my class room this year. I graduated from the Lebanese University with bachelor’s degree in Arabic Literature and I am currently finishing my Early Learning and Child Care Certificate. I am an experienced teacher and this year will be a challenging one for your child, however I will try to make the class more interesting as well as easier, so that the child will learn and enjoy at the same time.


In my Arabic room, we work hard to encourage the Arabic language and Islamic studies as well, but I also love to keep things as fun as possible. I will be working extremely hard to establish our class room as a happy, challenging, comfortable, safe learning environment where we all do our best.


Since we all working towards the same goal, it is important for us to communicate often. Please feel free to email me (bsmart.arabislam@gmail.com).


الشهادات الحاصلة عليها:


* بكالوريوس في اللغة العربية


أهداف برنامج  تدريس اللغة العربية  و القرآن الكريم:


1-       تنمية مشاعر حب القرآن الكريم و الاعتزاز به كونه  كتاب الله المنزل على نبيه محمد صلى الله عليه وسلم .


2-       تنمية مشاعر الحب لمعلمنا و قدوتنا محمد صلى الله عليه وسلم.


3-       حفظ وفهم  قصار السور من القرآن الكريم.


4-       يعبر الطفل عن الخبرات المكتسبة باللغة العربية في المدرسة.


5-       يلفظ  الطفل الحروف لفظاً سليماً.


6-       يعبر عن مشاعره باستخدام المفردات والكلمات  بالغة العربية.


7-       تنمية مهارة الاستماع إلى الأشياء التي تلقى عليه باللغة العربية.


8-       توسيع مخزونه  باللغة العربية  واستخدامه لمفردات جديدة.


9-       تنمية  مشاعر الحب و الفخر باللغة العربية .