About B-Smart

Our Journey

B-Smart Learning Center is a Canadian based provider of Early Childhood Education founded in Edmonton in 2017. The educators’ life’s mission is to embark as many children as possible on a magical learning journey to give them the best start in life and the love of lifelong learning.

The B-Smart Preschool was open in Londonderry area, Edmonton NW in 2017. The preschool welcomes 80 children everyday.

In 2019, the B-Smart Daycare and out of school care opened their doors in Castle downs, Edmonton NW, welcoming more than 170 children everyday.

Vision & Mission

At B-Smart, we help support the development of each child into a competent person in his/her own rights.

Each child is continuously inspired to be a positive contributor to society and has equal opportunities to develop his/her personal traits.

Our program supports every child to meet all his/her developmental needs through bringing the world to their fingertips using active, interesting, and simple styles.

Our safe and healthy environment, our experienced and professional team, as well as our mission to provide the highest quality of early learning service are a few of the many reasons why B-Smart is one of the top Early Learning and Childcare Centers in Edmonton

We Value

  • We value high quality early childcare service.
  • We value diversity in race, religion, gender, and family structures.
  • We value equal learning opportunities regardless of a child socio-economic status.
  • We value each child talents.
  • We value employment opportunities for women, newcomers, and fresh graduates.
  • We value our partners- the parents and the community.
  • We value our staff & volunteers.

Our Commitment

B-Smart Learning center is committed to providing quality inclusive early childcare service for children of different abilities, cultures, and backgrounds from age 6 months to age 12 years.

B-Smart operates based on a positive, safe, loving, nurturing, friendly, caring and home-like environment where the health, safety, nutrition, and well-being of each child is our top priority.

B-Smart Learning Center implements a mix of Learn Through Play and Alberta Early Learning and Care Framework Curriculum.

Our educators make the learning potential of each child continuously visible as they perceive the dispositions to learn (playing, seeking, participating, persisting, and caring) that the young mighty learners bring to all situations without exception.

Our program is tailored according to each child’s needs and allows the educators to be flexible in supporting daily the learning choices for the children and their families in an environment that promotes belonging, engagement, expression, and well being using a wide range of learning tools which simulates each child’s cognitive, emotional, social, physical and communication development.