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Lillio App

The Lillio app previously knows as HiMama app manages attendance, scheduling, daily reports on your child’s activities, photos, and more. The Lillio app saves our staff time by reducing paperwork and allows us to focus more on the children. Our staff can share updates and reports with parents with the click of a button.

B-Smart Meal

At the core of our educational approach lies the B-Smart Meal, which play a pivotal role in providing children with daily moments of both nourishment and togetherness. These communal feeding experiences not only cultivate a sense of fellowship but also amplify learning capabilities, while simultaneously instilling valuable life skills.

The B-Smart Meal’s aim is to educate and facilitate children’s relationship with food during mealtimes so each child experiences daily joyous and healthy meals that enhance their sense of fellowship, their learning ability, and life skills. Through the B-Smart Meal, parents and educators have the peace of mind knowing their children are learning to make nutritious, sustainable, and lasting food choices!

The B-Smart Meal, Joyous and Healthy Meals Everyday!​

All our meals are approved by Alberta Health Services and follow the Canada food guide.







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Lisa M

All my family members also send their kids here so it’s a trusted family go to.


Ghada K

My daughter has been going there for the last 6 months. She enjoys it with her friends. Staff and teachers are very friendly and caring


Ehab A

What an amazing educational place the children could have. My kids they race each other every day morning to get first into their classes, and I will leave you to explore why they do that.