B-Smart Learning Center is dedicated to empowering knowledge, modern manners and proper etiquette in every child to achieve more and to be the change through the delivery of high standards of service. Every child will be shaped as a competent person in his/her own right, will be continuously inspired to be a positive contributor to the society and will have equal opportunity to develop his /her personal traits, and to learn how to read and write through bringing the world to their fingertips using active, interesting and simple styles that take into account the functional dimensions of the 21st century lifestyle through combining the Languages with Cultural Studies.

Age Groups

Early Learning At Its Best

We have a magic space that cater three babies from 6 to 12 months. The beautiful, relaxing room has large windows that bring lots of natural light to the room. Our devoted staff is made up of highly qualified early-learning practitioners who provide only the very best care and developmental skills needed for your baby.

  •  Experienced & dedicated staff
  •  Daily reports on your child’s progress
  •  Natural environments for greater safety & learning
  •  Space for babies to explore & learn

Encouraging Curiosity

We provide a warm, safe and nurturing environment in which children can grow and develop. Children are treated as individuals in a loving environment are happy & confident.

During these early years, our aim is to inspire infants with an excitement for life. We use discovery teaching through senses to nurture curiosity in children and build the confidence to explore the world around them.

  •  Child-led discovery learning
  •  Sensory activities to develop coordination.
  •  Connection to nature & calm environments
  •  Socialization & learning respect for others

Growing In Confidence

Young children learn through experiences, imitation and by being actively involved in the world around them. Our exciting play-based approach encourages children to express and build meaning through these experiences.

In these early years we ensure that a child’s natural sense of awe and wonder is nurtured through art, movement, story and language.

  •  Role playing games to cultivate emotional intelligence.
  •  Discovery learning to create self-reliance.
  •  Child-led learning to maximize growth.
  •  Teaching to suit your child’s specific needs.

Becoming School-Ready

Our highly qualified and experienced educators help make the transition from nursery to school as natural as possible. We encourage the social, cognitive, physical, emotional, and spiritual development of each child.

Our dedicated staff takes the time to get to know your child as an individual, whilst encouraging a natural love of learning. Our play-based approach encourages children to express and build meaning through their experiences, preparing them for school and giving them the best start in life.

  •  Reading, writing & math in an engaging environment.
  •  Role-playing to teach social skills & emotional resilience.
  •  Self-awareness & self-reliance.
  •  Child-led learning to promote lifelong love of learning.
  •  Optional bilingual program available – English and Arabic.

Ensure A Successful School Transition

To ensure a smooth and successful entry into school, we often encourage parents to let their children stay in our Daycare while they start their kindergarten.

During this time, your child will receive personalized attention in small class sizes, ensuring their steady progress while developing the social and academic skills that will serve them well later in life.

  •  Transition to school environment in a friendly & supportive place.
  •  Personalized attention in small class sizes.
  •  Emotional, social & academic support.
  •  Give your child time & space to prepare for school.
  • Optional bilingual program available – English and Arabic.

Out of School Care

The array of options accessible to children before and after school showcase a commitment of our educators to providing diverse and engaging opportunities for enrichment and growth.

  • Children-interest games,
  • scientific investigations,
  • outdoor play,
  • and STEAM

are a few of our out of school care daily activities to meet the diverse interests and developmental needs of the children.